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Katleho Freedom Motloung is a candidate programmer.

Born on the 10th September 1996 on a warm springs day.

He began his journey into programming on the 1st April 2019, after begin chosen from a candidate pool of 28 000 to take part in the Dimension Data building 20 team.

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Mr Motloung is an avid amateur cook, specialising in gourmet scrumbled eggs.

He recently started taking an interset in photography. It all started when he bought a new phone.

Board games(Chess,Ludo) he plays on a regular bases, he also loves the challege of solving all kinds of puzzles

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Mr Motloung is mainly interested in increasing his value, through education/learning. He believes that knowledge gained from past lessons can be often be used even in entirely different scenarios in the future.

He is very interested in networking as he realised, it aids in continuous learning by enabling an individual to gain access to wealth of knowledge by merely talking to other professionals in the industry.

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Mr Motloung goal for the current year(2019) is to master essential web development languages.

At the moment he spends approximately 3hours a day practising and learning new programming skills.

He aims to be a creative and inspiring developer that is able to innovate and invent.

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In 10 Years I would like to be a qualified senior developer, well learned in languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, ASP.NET and ANGULAR.JS.